Breast Reconstruction can give me what you had to sacrifice

There are certain medical conditions and diseases, to survive, have to sacrifice to do. Thanks to advances in breast reconstruction surgery, women with breast cancer do not have to give up their natural look or feel after cancer mastectomy.
Diseases such as cancer and disease Piaget both have a high mortality without breaking the web of the breast is removed. Making the decision to have a mastectomy is a life changing one. Not only are you to decide whether or not you want to give your body the best chance to beat the disease, you also have to make the decision to remove part or one or both breasts.
In the past, women and even men who have had to make that sacrifice often had to resort to using a prosthetic device to hide the fact that they were missing a vital part of their sexual orientation. Sorry, the prosthetics worked just well enough to fool everyone when they were fully clothed and they are not too well. Now, advances in science, medicine and technology, it is thanks to a way for them to regain their physical femininity.
Breast reconstruction surgery is a great option for women who have had a piece of their chest removed or who have had both their boobs completely removed. Now women who have been diagnosed with diseases that require them to have a full or partial mastectomy to survive can do so without regrets or delays. There are several types of breast reconstruction available that can be done to give you the best pair of boobs you’ve ever had. It can be done with tissue from your own body, with implants or with both materials. It is up to the doctor to decide whether or not you are a candidate for surgery with body tissues, implants or both.
It is a method that can perform the same function as mastectomy is being done. It is referred to as immediate step method. When the tumor or break the tissue has been removed from the chest, the implant is inserted in the space that was created by the removal. This is good for those who need to have a mastectomy and do not want to experience physical defects to be without their boobs. There is a certain set of criteria that must be met before a surgeon will consider the patient to be a good candidate.
The most common form of plastic surgery that is performed is called a two-step development process. Since implants are used, this function offers really surgeon more flexibility with your care. If after a mastectomy, it is determined that more chemo or radiation is needed, the procedure may be delayed until after all the radiation treatment is completed. If there is no need for radiotherapy, the surgeon can proceed with breast reconstruction.
Keep in mind that there are more ways to reconstruct the breast of the woman after tissue removed. If you are contemplating a mastectomy and are curious about what breast reconstruction your options talk to your doctor so that they can assess your situation and decide which type would be best for you.

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