What are Microtia repair?

Microtia service may be an option for some children. This condition is a type of birth deformity that occurs fairly common and different degrees of severity. Because there may be physically prominent, many parents try to find options to correct the situation or make it somewhat less pronounced. The ability to do this depends on various factors, but most often it depends on whether or not the child has enough tissue and cartilage in the existing structure to develop new ear. For those who do not, this could be an opportunity to reorganize the ear in almost normal appearance.

Handling medical concerns

When a child is born with this disease, doctors will first determine if there are any medical conditions related to it. In many cases, children have no further defects. However, in some cases, it is the presence of hearing loss. This is because distortion not only on the outer part of the ear, but also in the inside. Because of this malformation of the inner ear bones, eardrum and membranes, it may be necessary to repair microtia ear. This can help to improve hearing in some people.

Cosmetic Improvement Options

In many cases, doctors can make substantial changes in the external ear to improve this situation. To do so, they must wait until the child is five or six years. It is often done just before the child starts school. At this age, enough cartilage has developed in the ear and it means that it is possible to make changes in the organization. This is a surgery that will require some healing. However, it is largely outpatient procedure. The steps involved will be different from one child to another where each case of this kind of situation is very different.

Often the first step parents need to do is consult. At the doctor will assess the current state of the child and determine whether it is possible to make any cosmetic improvements. If not, he or she may encourage the child to be prosthetic devices. It will look just like the ear, but it does not work as one would.

For many children, microtia repair can be beneficial. It can help to increase self-esteem. It can also help them improve their hearing if the outer ear? S folds are holding them back from hearing properly. During the consultation, parents will learn exactly what their options are, if any, and when this type of treatment is best. For many, the first step is one that should happen around the child? S fourth or fifth birthday, while older people can also receive treatment at any time.

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