What is Microtia?

For many parents, ask what is microtia is something they never expected. It is something that happens after the birth of their child. Parents are often floored to learn after their child has been born that there is something wrong with the child’s ear. This situation is one where it is very difficult to know the problem is delivery. The good news is the state does not have any life-threatening conditions exist. Moreover, in some cases, there are surgical procedures to fix this problem.

Understanding Analysis

But, what is microtia? This is a type of congenital disorder. It occurs in about one birth in 10,000. It causes deformity in one or both ears. Generally, deformity is underdevelopment of the outer part of the ear. In some cases, it is significantly worse and in some cases, the ear is absent. The degree of distortion range significantly. Some children have very little deformity while others have much more serious cases.

In many patients deformity is not only in the outer part. Rather, it is also related to the eardrum, bones and internal canals. The more significant damage or deformity in the inner part of the ear, the more likely there will be some level of hearing loss present. Proper diagnosis of hearing loss takes time that the child must be able to communicate with the screening doctor what he or she can and can not hear the business analysis to do.

Is the help?

Many children are born with this disease will be help available for them. The possibilities will range from improving hearing by using hearing aids to improve the structure of part of the ear itself. This is often done by using cosmetic surgery as a physician will shape the structure of the ear to create something that looks more natural. In some extreme cases, there are also prosthetic ears. These fit into the space of the ear and are designed specifically for the individual. They can help with visual improvements when there is no cartilage used to organize the external ear. Doctors will work with children aged five or six to determine what type of options are best for your individual situation.

What is microtia? It is a condition that many children suffer from but there are options to treat it. It does not always require any type of intense action, but many are cosmetic changes possible will make a big impact on their overall self-esteem. Individuals need to consider their options by first discussing the situation with their cosmetic surgeon. Look for a professional who specializes in this area of ​​knowledge can help to provide the best overall outcome.

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